October 2019 Calendar Printable

October is the second month of Autumn and the tenth month of the Julian and Gregorian calendars. Also, October is the eight month of the old Roman calendar.October obtains its name from octo which means eight in Latin. October is an astonishing month for movement in the US. The sweltering and frequently level pitiful summer temperatures felt in many territories of the nation have chilled off by this month. There are additionally some customary harvest time occasions and occasions in October which merit voyaging. 


Normal high temperatures in October take off in the 50s in the northern states, from Maine to Washington, and places in Northern Michigan and Upstate New York may even see the primary snowflakes of the season. On the off chance that you wish phenomenal October 2019 timetable formats climate, however, want to avoid the tropical storm zone, you can go to the Southwest. Temperatures in the states in Southwestern won't be sweltering like they're in summer and evenings won't be cool like they're in winter. Furthermore, October is the month of National Pizza, National Popcorn Poppin, National Pork and National Seafood in the United States. October has signs of the zodiac of Libra and Scorpio and its birthstone is Opal. Let's check out next month: November 2019 Calendar.

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October 2019 Calendar

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October in Other Languages

  • Chinese (Mandarin) - shí yuè
  • Danish - oktober
  • French - octobre
  • Italian - ottobre
  • Latin - Octobris
  • Spanish - octubre