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July is the seventh month of the year in the Gregorian and Julian Calendars. It is the fourth of 7 months to have 31 days. The name July was gotten from the Roman Senate out of appreciation for Julius Caesar, a Roman Emperor. Prior to this, July was called Quintiles, is the fifth month of the ten-month schedule. All things considered, July is the hottest month in the Northern Hemisphere, where it's the second month of summer. Then again, July is the second month of winter in the Southern Hemisphere and furthermore thought about the coldest month. The second 50% of the year begins this month. In Catholic practice, July is the Month of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus. Then again, July is additionally multi-month of exceptional and wacky days, for example, World UFO Day, Independence Day in the US, National Bikini Day, National Fried Chicken Day and numerous others. You will never come up short on activities and see amid this month. July can be an exceptionally difficult time to get a job done. Moreover, July has the signs of the zodiac of Crab and Leo. It’s birth flowers are Larkspur and Water Lily and July’s birthstone is the ruby which symbolizes contentment.

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July in Other Languages

  • Chinese (Mandarin) - seiyuht
  • Danish - juli
  • French - juillet
  • Italian - luglio
  • Latin - IĆ«lius
  • Spanish - julio