List of Public 2024 Holidays and Observances

An holiday is multi day put aside by custom or by law on which typical exercises, particularly business or work including school, are suspended or decreased. For the most part, occasions are planned to enable people to celebrate or honor an occasion or convention of social or religious centrality. Holidays might be assigned by governments, religious establishments, or different gatherings or associations. How much ordinary exercises are decreased by an occasion may rely upon neighborhood laws, traditions, the kind of occupation held or individual decisions.


The following table contains the public holidays as well as the special holidays. Dates may vary according to government rules. We also share school holidays times for students.


Date Day Holiday
01 January 2024 Monday New Year's Day
15 January 2024 Monday Martin Luther King Day
02 February 2024 Saturday Groundhog's Day
14 February 2024 Wednesday Valentine's Day
19 February 2024 Monday President's Day
17 March 2024 Sunday St. Patrick's Day
31 March 2024 Sunday Easter
22 April 2024 Monday Earth Day
05 May 2024 Sunday Cinco de Mayo
12 May 2024 Sunday Mother's Day
27 May 2024 Monday Memorial Day
14 June 2024 Friday Flag Day
16 June 2024 Sunday Father's Day
04 July 2024 Thursday Independence Day
02 September 2024 Monday Labor Day
14 October 2024 Monday Columbus Day
31 October 2024 Thursday Halloween
11 November 2024 Monday Veterans Day
28 November 2024 Thursday Thanksgiving Day
29 November 2024 Friday Black Friday
02 December 2024 Monday Cyber Monday
25 December 2024 Wednesday Christmas Day


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