Free Printable Year 2024 Calendar

Looking for the 2024 Calendar template? You found the right place! We have a lot of calendar options for year 2024 that you will be happy to use when creating your plan. One of the most popular ways to use a calendar is to design the best layout for events or some kind of schedule. It has many uses, and at, you are more than welcome to download our printable calendars whenever you want. Check out all the formats we provide - images, pdfs and excel templates - and make sure you find one that fits your needs and is easily editable if necessary.

When we look at today's conditions, organizing things and works has become one of the most important essentials of daily life in many countries. Especially, for people who manage business or family, planning is an important issue. So, the concept of printable 2024 calendar is developed for different purposes about planning. The calendar is a chart that shows the time in the most general sense. Shows time in the form of century, year, month, week and day. The calendar, which is used to display the time in a regular way, divides the time into slices. It is also a system that organizes time for social, commercial, religious or administrative purposes.


Why Printable Calendars ?

Many people prefer printable calendars in order to make great and regular plans for their businesses or families. They set their calendars and print them easily. You will find a lot of different printable calendars on our website and you can download them. Printing them will be so easy for you. You can use them for different purposes :

  • In order to list appointments, meetings, and commitments for each month
  • Follow up on children's school events, training courses and private lessons
  • Dates and planning of short and long term projects
  • Exercise tracking
  • Regular habitats
  • Writing a food diary
  • Follow-up of medicines to be taken
  • Writing a favorite moment every day of the year
  • Monitoring the stages of a baby or child


How to Create Your Printable Calendar ?

First of all, before creating a free printable calendar, you should determine which platform you will use while designing your special calendar. For example, Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar or Apple Calendar are the most popular printable calendar apps of the world under today's conditions. You can give a name to your calendar and write a description easily. Also, determining a time zone is so easy with these special apps. In addition, you will have a chance to manage your calendar on the phone while you're away of your house or office. We can say it's so practical for smart phone users.

Secondly, after creating the first phase of your printable calendar, setting time zones and adding your plans (or works) will be on your process. You will choose a date and write what you will do on the calendar. Of course, your special apps will make them easier for you during the creation process for your calendar concept. Then choose your design and color.

On the other hand, the Apple Calendar app gives an opportunity to import your information from Gmail, Microsoft and Yahoo accounts. So, you can import your calendar tasks and personal / corporational information easily to your Apple devices. The creating process will be so easy with Apple Calendar app after choosing "New Calendar" tab and following the basic instructions.


How to Customize and Print Your Calendar ?

Determining size, colors, images and calendar view are the visual options for your printable calendars. For example;

Size ; defines the size of calender. It depends where you will use it.

Color; defines the main and sub colors of your calendar view.

Images; you can use different images for your different plans as a reminder on your printable calendars.

Calendar view defines the period of your calendar like daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. It's up to your usage purposes for the concept of calendar.

After customizing and completing all processes of your calendar, it's ready to print and use.

The Role of Printable Calenders on Today's World

Under today's life conditions, the printable calendars have an important role for planning and managing purposes about different concepts. The most widely used calendar in the world is the Gregorian calendar. Apart from that, China still continues to use its 12-animal calendars, but this is cultural and public. China implements all official procedures on a governmental basis according to the Gregorian Calendar. In the Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East, the Hijri Calendar, which is the Lunar Calendar, continues to be used. But this is a calendar used on a social and religious basis. Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries also use the Gregorian Calendar.

If we look at the past usages of 2024 printable calendars, we should learn the background of calendars from past times to today. The basis of the calendar in the sense we know, was developed by the Sumerians. Between 3500-4000 BC, the Sumerians unearthed the first well-known organized calendar. This calendar was interesting because it consisted of 12 months. Sumerians realized that a year consisted of 365 days. Accordingly, they divided a year into 12 months and each month had an average of 30 days. This calendar mechanism spread from the Sumerians to the Middle East and Anatolia. The basics of the Gregorian Calendar, which we use today, came from the Romans. The Romans initially used a different calendar structure. They cited the establishment of the Roman city as the beginning of the calendar. There were only 4 months in this calendar. It wasn't a precise calendar, it had deviations, and it caused problems. This situation caused serious problems in a country like Rome where bureaucracy was very serious. Julius Caesar, who conquered Egypt in 46 BC, produced a new calendar with the help of astronomers in Egypt. This calendar, which emerged in place of the old calendar, formed the basis of today's calendar. This calendar consisted of 12 months, some months 30, some months 31 days. It was a calendar with fewer errors and deviations than before. Octavius, who ascended the throne after Caesar, changed his name to Augustin and declared the month immediately after Julius Caesar's month (Julius), which he saw as his father, and this month's name was changed to Augistin. But the month of Caesar was 31 days, while the month of Augistin was 30 days. Augistin asked for a change in the calendar and was added to August by taking another day from February. Thus, the months of July and August consisted of 31 days.


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