February is one of the coldest months of the year.During this month all the countries in the north pole have really bad weather.Especially snow brings the level of life to a standstill in this month.In America, many states are under the influence of heavy snow and cold air in February.For Example:New York,Boston,Chicago,Missouri..etc.The activities preferred for this month are usually in closed areas.You can check some activities in February on this As last year this year, February has 28 days, which last day will end on Wednesday(February 28,2018). March 2019 calendar, will be 31 days.

We have put together your business plans and many timetables for your various purposes. We have prepared a list for a very large February 2018 calendar for you. For example, you live in the US, you plan to travel to another country for your business plan or travel. Using our calendars, you can prepare holiday days and annual calendar plans in your country. Now, I want to tell you a little about the meaning of February. February is the second month of the year in the Gregorian and Julian calendars. It is the shortest month of the year as it is the only month to have a length of less than 30 days. The month has 28 days in common years or 29 days in leap years, with the quadrennial 29th day being called the 'leap day.'

February in Other Languages

  • Chinese (Mandarin) - yihyuht
  • Danish - februar
  • Dutch - februari
  • German - Februar
  • French - février
  • Italian - febbraio
  • Latin - Februārius
  • Spanish - febrero

February 2019 Holidays