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March is the first month of spring and the third month of the year in both the Julian and Gregorian schedules. March has a length of 31 days and it the second month of year which has 31 days. In the Northern Hemisphere, spring starts meteorologically in the first day of the March and the weather gets warmer and warmer day by day. The March equinox on the twentieth or 21st imprints the astronomical start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the start of fall in the Southern Hemisphere, where September is what might as well be called the Northern Hemisphere's March. The name of March originates from Martius, the primary month of the first Roman date-book. It was named after Mars, the Roman divine force of war, and a predecessor of the Roman individuals through his children Romulus and Remus. Martius remained the primary month of the Roman timetable year maybe as late as 153 BC, and a few religious observances in the main portion of the month were initially new year's celebrations. Even in late artifact, Roman mosaics imagining the months now and again still put March first. Moreover, in the 21st of March the day and the night time is equal. Besides, it happens just twice in a year. 

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March in Other Languages

  • Albanian - marsh
  • Chinese (Mandarin) - yóuxíng
  • Danish - marts
  • Dutch - maart
  • French - Mars
  • Italian - marzo
  • Latin - Martii
  • Spanish - marzo