And we can say it's summer now because of April. April, 30 days and Julian and Gregorian Calendars are the beginning and fourth months of the year. The next month, May will be 31 days. It is known as the month when people begin to go outdoors events. April is commonly associated with the season of autumn in parts of the Southern Hemisphere, and spring in parts of the Northern Hemisphere , where it is the seasonal equivalent to October in the Southern Hemisphere and vice versa. In some states in the US, air temperatures are 3 digits, while many states still have 2 digits. But some states are famous for their concerts this month. Start your days in your April calendar for great events with your friends!

April in Other Languages

  • Chinese (Mandarin) - seiyuht
  • Danish - april
  • French - avril
  • Italian - aprile
  • Latin - AprÄ«lis
  • Spanish - abril

April 2019 Holidays

  • 19: Friday - Good Friday
  • 21: Sunday - Easter Sunday
  • 22: Monday - Earth Day