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Want to print or download a calendar for the month of March 2018? Here you can download or print different type of blank printable 2018 March calendars in multiple designs and format for presentation, special days, commercial activity and personal use. The calendars is like a document which is used by people around the world to know special date and days, also people use them to manage their time and track work activities.

Spring is coming ! Welcome March !

March is third month of the year and has 31 days.In this season,NH(north hemisphere), though colder days can still have influence,with temperatures little hot and new growth begins to arrive and spring officially starts.But humidity will still be low for many locations in March.

Weather check

What is the symbols of March month?

Zodiac, Birthstone, Flower and Tree.

Some interesting events that happened in March.

- Thomas Cranmer burns at the stake(21 March 1556)

- ‘Spanish’ flu strikes and kills 100 million(4 March 1918)

- Rome’s emperor of excess meets a bloody end(11 March AD 222)

- Belisarius saves Rome from the Goths(2 March 537)

- The Great Escape arouses Hitler’s fury(24 March 1944)

- France’s iconic tower opens(31 March 1889)

- The Book of Mormon debuts with a whimper(26 March 1830)

- Churchill warns of an ‘iron curtain’ falling across Europe(5 March 1946)

What is the awareness for the month of March?

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.

Daylight Saving Time 2018 in the United States:

Sunday, March 11, 2018, 2 AM

what is daylight saving time

March Fruits:

1- Kiwi

2- Red Banana

3- Grapefruit


5- Feijoa

6-Kiwano Melon


What are the important days in March 2018 calendar?

* Saint Patrick's Day Saturday, March 17

* Good Friday Friday, March 30

Here are some important events all over the world:

1- Big Ears Festival

Location: Knoxville, USA
Dates: March 22 - 25

2- Sónar Hong Kong

Location: Hong Kong Science And Technology Park, Hong Kong, China
Date: March 17

3-Days Like This

Location: Victoria Park, Australia
Date:March 10

4-Sónar Reykjavik

Location: Harpa, Reykjavik, Iceland
Dates:March 16 - March 18

5-Pitch Music & Arts

Location: Victoria, Australia
Dates:March 9 - March 12

6-Elevate Festival

Location: Dom im Berg, Austria
Dates:Feb 28 - March 4


Location:Barcelona, Spain
Dates:March 7 - March 11

8-Dekmantel Festival São Paulo

Location:Playcenter, São Paulo, Brazil
Dates:March 3 - March 4


Location: NDSM Docklands, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dates:March 31 - April 1


Location:Pontins, Southport, UK
Dates:March 15 - March 18

11-Irish Festival

Location:Seattle Center Festál

Dates:March 17-18


Find more events near you:



Would you like to keep up with those important days or events? Please use the printable calendar which is the easiest way of remembering your special events.


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March 2018 Calendar


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