Blank Printable November 2024 Calendars

Listed below are Blank printable November 2024 calendar templates. They are fully editable and customizable. The blank calendar is designed in MS excel based on months and days of the week. It is compatible with all versions of Microsoft office including 2010, 2013 and 2016. Each month consists of 7 days as per the regular week days. You can download the calendars in the several formats available like jpg, png, pdf and others. Print or download a variety of monthly calendar to check out your free time for this month. Here below are specially designed November 2024 Calendar Templates for you to print or download from here.

November is the eleventh month of a calendar year for both Gregorian and Julian calendars. November 2024 has 30 days. The November 2024 calendar starts with Sunday and ends with Monday. The month of November is the last month of the autumn season northern hemisphere and is also the last month of the spring season for the southern hemisphere in the world. After November, we will live winter season in the northern part, and we will live the summer season in the southern part of the world. If you are looking for a November 2024 calendar, you will find a lot of alternatives on the page and you can download which one you demand. There are many different templates online that you will find on the page. They are designed especially for November 2024. Choose the best one and get ready to add your works and plans inside it.

Naming of November

English origin of the month is known as November and Latin origin is known as November. Like many other names of the months in the calendar, the word origin dates back to the Roman Empire.

History of the month of November

Understanding will be easy with looking at the historical development of Roman Empire. The Romans built an empire on the foundations of mathematics, philosophy and medicine from Ancient Greece; military, administrative, architectural and legal areas. In this sense, they laid the administrative and legal basis of today's western civilization. Rome was founded as an Italian city-state and seized other cities around it by pursuing an expansionist policy. It gives first absolute control over Italy and then the entire Mediterranean.

In the military sense, with the influence of divisions called Legion and fighting with an absolute discipline, they established an army system superior to all the forces of his time; it dominates an immense land in Europe, Asia and Africa. Rome was a state ruled by the Republic for a long time. Rome's senate, composed of elected members, ruled the country for many years with unanimous resolutions and, when it deemed necessary, appointed consul heads of the state, which gathered the administration in one hand. Many times throughout its history, the Roman Empire faced large-scale public uprisings, military attacks and invasions, and was able to overcome the senate's maneuverability.

Printable November 2024 Calendar

If you are looking for a printable November 2024 calendar, you will find a lot of available calendar templates on the website. Also, all of them are designed for November 2024 especially. You will find many templates on the page easily and it's enough to choose the best one for your needs and requirements. You will need only a basic image editor without high technical knowledge. You can download them as PDF or JPG format easily to your PC or smart phone devices easily in seconds. You can use them for different purposes like business, education or family works and plans for November 2024.


Important Days for November 2024

When we look at the calendar of November 2024, we will celebrate many important days. We want to explain some of them. World Diabetes Day (November 14), International Day of Tolerance (November 16) and World Television Day (November 21) are three of the most important days of November. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Diabetes Federation (IDF) decided to celebrate the 14th anniversary of Fredrick Bantig's World Diabetes Day in 1921 to commemorate the birth anniversary of Fredrick Bantig, who made it possible for millions of diabetic patients to find insulin. Since 2007, the United Nations General Assembly has officially recognized 14 November as “World Diabetes Day". World Diabetes Day is celebrated under the leadership of the Ministry of Health in many countries in order to enlighten the public in terms of causes, symptoms, treatment and organ damage of diabetes.

In 1996, the UN General Assembly created the International Day of Tolerance. In 1996, the UN Member States invited the International Day of Tolerance on November 16th to celebrate the development of educational institutions. The idea of Tolerance Day in 1995 began with the emergence of the United Nations Year of Tolerance, adopted in 1993. The United Nations Year of Tolerance was announced at the General Conference of UNESCO's initiative. UNESCO member countries ratified the Declaration of the Principles of Tolerance and Monitoring Plan for the United Nations Year of Tolerance.

It is celebrated as the World Television Day in the month determined annually by the UN resolution in 1999 in every year. The World Television Day will be celebrated on November 21. Television is an important source of information and of course entertainment that we can be aware of as soon as possible. In America, people spend an average of 6 hours a day just in front of the television. Nowadays, people had to spend time with other entertainment before television was invented to shape our lives and social life. We can say that the invention of TV is a kind of revolutionary development for the human being in the world. Many people met with the colored tv's after 1980's in many countries of the world. Today, many people from many continents use high quality televisions.

Download November 2024 Calendar

To download November 2024 calendar, you can start with choosing the best template between a lot of available blank calendar templates on the page. After choosing the ideal one for your needs and requirements, you can click on the download button to download templates as PDF or JPG format to your PC or smart phone. The download process will be completed in a few seconds. After downloading, you can add your plans and works which are related with your business or school plans or to-do lists to the calendar template. When you complete your adding process of your plans to the template file, you can save it and print them easily. Finally, your downloadable November 2024 calendar template is ready to use.


November 2024 Calendar