Blank Printable April 2024 Calendars

April 2024 Calendar Printable. Enjoy this blank calendar template for April 2022. This printable page is free to downlaod and print without any monthly obligation. The first available calendar style that we have provided allows you to print the calendar beginning on the weekend, and ending on the weekend.

For the Gregorian and Julian Calendar, April is the fourth month of a year. April is also the second month of the spring season in the northern hemisphere and is the second month of the autumn season in the southern hemisphere. April 2024 starts with the day of Wednesday and ends with the day of Thursday. If you are looking for the April 2024 Calendar, you will find all formats of the calendar on the page. April 2024 has 30 days while March 2024 has 31 days. So, this information will be important while making short or long term plans during the month of April in 2024. In all years, April and July start on the same days of the week. This includes January and February have 29 days. However, April and December end each year on the same day of the week. Definitely, the historical background of April is a bit controversial today and you will find the concept of naming of april and its history below.


Naming of April

Aprilis, whose Latin language is Aprilis, takes its meaning from the word "aperire" (open) again in Latin. It refers to the season when the trees began to bloom. In Greek, April was named as "Απρίλιος" (Aprillius). The word has its meaning from Aphro, the abbreviation of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Beauty.


History of the Month of April

Even the Romans argue about the origins of some months. No consensus has been reached. After the goddess Aphrodite, there is a discourse that April is called April. Aphrodite was believed to have arisen from sea foam (aphrosin in ancient Greek). We see Aphrodite's equivalent in Roman mythology as Venus. She was also the mother of Aeneas (Aegean), who fled Troy to Italy and believed to constitute the Roman people. Another discourse is derived from the Latin verb aperio “I open". According to the poet Ovidius; They say that this name was given because of the month of opening in April, because with spring everything is opened, the cold layer is removed from the soil, the soil becomes fertile.


Printable April 2024 Calendar

If you are looking for a printable April 2024 calendar, you are on the right page. You can find different concepts of blank April 2024 calendars on the page like weekly or monthly. All kinds of calendar templates are printable and specially designed for the month of April 2024. Without technical knowledge, it's easy to have a printable April 2024 calendar with our website. You can browse all of the available designs on the page and download the best and ideal calendar template for your requirement. You can use your April 2024 calendar for different purposes like business, education or family works and plans. You will find different formats of calendars on the page easily and download them in minutes. Check out the best free printable April 2024 calendars on the page and choose the best one for you.


Important Days for April 2024 in the USA

When you hear the word of April, firstly April 1 Fool's Day comes to your mind.  It is in our minds that the April jokes that almost all of us have been or have been exposed to at least once in our lives. Where did these harsh jokes come from? One of the rumors about the date of the April 1 jokes is based on the French. According to this rumor, Roman Emperor Ceasar. In BC 46, it was January as the start of the calendar. Nevertheless, until the middle of the 16th century, the calendar year in Europe, that is, the 25th of March, which is also accepted as the start date of the spring months, continued to be used. 1610 years after Caesar, in 1564 King of France IX. Charles changed the calendar to take the year's beginning to the first day of January, and because of the communication conditions of that time, some people didn't know about this development, and it led them to continue their old mores to protest this decision. In order to protest the king's decision, the people continued to organize parties and give gifts to each other on 1 April. Others, who were aware of the new calendar and accepted and applied it, called them April 1 fools and called this day "The Day of All Fools’. On this day, they gave surprise gifts to others, invited them to parties that would not be made, and produced and spread news that could not be true. Years later, instead of the calendar months to sit in the first month of January, the French became accustomed to seeing April 1 as part of their culture. Over time, they continued this tradition by decorating, enriching and spreading it. This French tradition took about two centuries to reach England. From there it spread to America and the whole world. On the other hand, there are some important days in April in different countries of the world. Especially, on April 23, National Sovereignty and Children's day is celebrated in Turkey and April 12-13 are celebrated as Easter Sunday and Monday in the USA.


Download April 2024 Calendar

Do you know how to download April 2024 calendars online ? If you don't, you will find the basic information on this article. You can browse all of the available April 2024 calendars on the page and  they are designed for April 2024 that have 30 days. After downloading, you will need only a basic image editor in order to add your works and plans inside it. After you complete the adding components to your April 2024 calendar, the last step will be printing stage. You can resize your calendar for different purposes. Finally, that's all. You are ready to use your April 2024 calendar for specific purposes.


April 2024 Calendar