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Download a free printable calendar for May 2024 that you can use for your home or office. The May 2024 Calendar is formatted to be large font, with the US holidays for the month printed in red. The Calendar will start on a Sunday which is appropriate since Sunday is usually the day when most people will get together to talk about their upcoming events, meetings, and gatherings.

May is the fifth month of a year for the concept of Both Gregorian and Julian calendars. The month of May 2024 has 31 days while the previous month April has 30 days. You will find different designs of May 2024 Calendar on the website and you can download all of them easily to your PC or smart phone. The May 2024 calendar starts with Friday and ends with Sunday. We can say the next month will start with Monday. Finding different templates of calendars will be so easy with our website and if you want to use a calendar for your special plans or works, you can use our printable May 2024 calendar templates easily and free. May is also the last month of spring season for the northern hemisphere and is also the last month of autumn season for the southern hemisphere in the world. For northern side of the world, after May, the summer season stars. On the other hand, for the southern hemisphere, after May, the winter season starts.


Naming of May

The French is Mai and the old English is Maius. Its meaning is again from the Romans; It is taken from Maia, the Goddess of Rain. Also known as the Goddess who grows fertility and plants. The Latin language is Maius menelis (the bear of Maia). The word of Maia in Latin language means "fresh, wet beef manure". This period is thought to be given this name because of the high rate of rainfall. According to the Nishanyan Dictionary, the word "mag-ia" is derived from the word and there is no written example of this word.


History of the Month of May

There are some arguements about the historical backgrounds of the name of months today. A similar disagreement is seen in the origins of May. It is due to the division of the male citizens of Rome into maiores (old people) and iuniores (young people). Nevertheless, the names of these two months are believed to come from the gods. Nymphe Maia is associated with the earth, and from there she gives her name to May.


Printable May 2024 Calendar

Are you looking for a printable May 2024 calendar online ? If you are, check out all of the available May 2024 calendar templates on our website and choose the best design for your specific purposes. You can use your printable calendars for your different plans like business, school or family works. It's up to you. It's enough to browse all of the printable May 2024 calendars on the page, you can download them, add your plans and works, finally print them easily.


Important Days for May 2024 in the USA

The month of May has two global important days. Firstly, May 1 - Day of Labor and Workers and May 10 - Mother's Day. Let's have a look at the historical backgrounds of these important days:


May 1 is the Day of Labor and Workers of unity, solidarity and challenging with injustice, celebrated worldwide by workers and laborers. In many countries around the world, it is considered as an official holiday. For the first time in 1856, in Melbourne, Australia, stone and construction workers organized a march from the University of Melbourne to the House of Parliament for an eight - hour working day. On May 1, 1886, under the leadership of the US Confederation of Trade Unions, workers quit their jobs with a demand of 8 hours per day, against a 12-hour and 6-day work schedule. Half a million workers attended the demonstrations in Chicago. In Louisville (Kentucky) more than 6,000 black and white workers joined together. At that time, the parks in Louisville were closed to black people. The workers walked into the National Park after walking the streets. In every state and city, the demonstrations of black and white workers together were interpreted by the newspapers as "Thus the prejudice wall was destroyed'. Repetition of this demonstration was prevented by legal pressures. In the Second International meeting, which was held on July 14 and 21,in 1889, it was decided that May 1 would be celebrated as " Day of Labor and Workers" all over the world with the suggestion of a French workers' representative. In time, 8-hour working days were officially accepted in many countries. May 1 was thus a feast reflecting the unity and solidarity of the workers. Today, workers celebrate May 1, which is a holiday in socialist countries (People's Republic of China, People's Democratic Republic of Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cuba, Venezuela, Nepal, Bolivia) and many other countries with large mass demonstrations; May 1 in some countries takes the form of political action.


Celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May, "Mother's Day" is the subject of numerous events in many countries. When we look at the history of this very popular special day, we see that this tradition dates back to ancient times. This tradition began with the celebration of the annual spring festival of the ancient Greeks in honor of the well-known goddess Rhea, mother of gods and goddesses in Greek mythology. Then the ancient Romans began to celebrate the spring festivals in honor of Cybele, the mother goddess 250 years before Jesus' birth. The concept of Mother's Day began in 1908 as a commemoration day for Anna Jarvis, who lost her mother in the USA.


Download May 2024 Calendar

If you want to download May 2024 calendar, you should browse all of the available calendar templates on the page. You can browse a lot of calendar templates for different purposes, all of them are designed for May 2024 specially. You will need less technical knowledge to edit the templates. After downloading your May 2024 calendar template to your PC or smart phone as PDF or JPG format, you can use a basic image editor to add your plans or works inside it. That's all, your calendar will be ready and you can print it.

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