Star Wars Day 2019 | When is Star Wars Day 2020?

What is Star Wars Day?

Star Wars is an American epic fictional universe and brand which first started with the film series. It created by George Lucas and after the film series it continued with comic books, computer games, and television works. It is a legend for a lot of different generations. The first film of the series called Star Wars produced by 20th Century Fox in 25t of May and became a popular culture phenomenon. Every three years, another film sequel came out. At the present time, there are seven Star Wars films and when nine films come out the series will be finished. 

Until today, Star Wars gained a huge like 33 billion dollars income from the revenue of the films, toys, DVDs, books, computer games and the other commercial products. 

Star Wars Day is an unofficial holiday announced by the fans of the film series to remember Star Wars culture and universe. It is celebrated on the 4th of May annually. The reason of why they chose this date is based on a word play in a sentence used in film series. The sentence of “May the force be with you.” is widely used slogan in Star Wars. On this basis, fans of the film series chose the fourth day of May. As a result, 4th of May was accepted as Star Wars Day.

The saying “May the force be with you” has been used since 1979. However, in 2013, Disney bought the rights of the film series from Lucasfilm and they started acknowledging this special day. Thereby Star Wars Day had more official capacity and reached a lot of people. 

When is Star Wars Day?

Star Wars Day in 2018 has already passed. The next Star Wars Day is on Saturday, May 4, 2019.


Dates for Star Wars Day from 2018 to 2025

  • Star Wars Day 2019 - May 4, 2019 - Saturday
  • Star Wars Day 2020 - May 4, 2020 - Monday
  • Star Wars Day 2021 - May 4, 2021 - Tuesday
  • Star Wars Day 2022 - May 4, 2022 - Wednesday
  • Star Wars Day 2023 - May 4, 2023 - Thursday
  • Star Wars Day 2024 - May 4, 2024 - Saturday
  • Star Wars Day 2025 - May 4, 2025 - Sunday